Frequently Asked Questions 



My closet does not function, where do I begin to know what I need in my closet design?
That’s what we do! Firstly, when you schedule your free in-home consultation, we will take an inventory of what you have, what your habits are, and what items do not have a home.  It’s important to have our space completely planned and know where all of your items will be when the renovation is complete.

What is the height of your closet system? In short it is 7 or 8’ depending on the height of the ceilings and what amount of usable shelf space you would prefer above the system for additional items such as luggage.   Typical double hang is 40” top and bottom, tall hang is 65”, medium hang is 50 to 55” and short hang is 40”. Of course it can certainly be customized in our design according to your height and what is a comfortable reach for you.

What are the closets made of? Are they strong?
Our closet organizers are made of the highest quality ¾" furniture grade engineered wood available in the industry. The surface is a Thermo fused Melamine laminate. All our systems come with a lifetime warranty and are very easy to keep clean with a simple cloth and household cleaning product.

How much does an average closet cost?
We cannot instantly quote a price because our closet system is customized and we offer so many colors, finishes and design options tailored to your needs.  Although a large part of the cost is relative to the square footage of the room, you control much of the cost by discussing your options with our design consultant.  We’ll work with you and your budget.  Once our designer has completed the design of your space, the price is just a click away.  Please visit the pricing area of our website to get a better idea of a budget and/or what you could expect to spend.

How deep are your units?
Majority of the time, our standard closet units are 14" deep. This is the closet industry standard. However, all depths are available.

I've seen some islands on your website. Should I consider an island for my closet? We frequently sell islands in large walk in closets. Particularly when all the valuable wall space needs to be used for hanging clothes, islands are a great option for adding drawers for your tops, bottoms and socks. Our islands come in several different sizes and options.  Visit with one of our design consultants today to see if an island is right for you.

Are your closet systems adjustable? Can I change my design down the road if I need to?
Absolutely! Regular shelves sit on pins and are easily adjusted. Our locking cam shelves and hanging rods are adjusted up or down easily with a screwdriver. You may want to add drawers or baskets to your closet at a future point and that is certainly not a problem.


Once installed, how do I clean the closet material?
You can clean your closet system by wiping with a damp cloth. Citrus-based, spray adhesive cleaners also work well.

How is the closet system attached and secured to my walls? 
Our closet uprights are secured in each corner and with additional L brackets where necessary.

Should I ever move, can my closet be removed and installed somewhere else?
Yes! Our system is quite modular and can be moved with minimal damage to the walls.  You’ll incur some labor costs and some parts may need to be reordered to fit your new space but this will be minimal.

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