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Who is and what is Shelve It Custom Storage Solutions?

As we approach our 8th anniversary, this company is still serving our customers with the same great products. Our goal is quite simple, to enrich your home with the best products and services while maximizing your space. As this milestone approaches, I am in awe of the path I have traveled and where this business has taken me. Work has certainly imitated life, as both are ever evolving. Originally, I opened this business as a franchise. In attaining my marketing degree, one of my classes focused on franchises. Since then, they have always been appealing to me. However, this franchise was not a perfect fit and I realized I could continue to offer the same quality products and expertise my clients were accustom to, so I decided I could do this on my own.Thus the birth of Shelve It Custom Storage Solutions! The name change has been a long process, first the choosing of name, then came the website, logo, etc. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Several of my loved ones are tired of hearing about it too! I'm sure they've heard me say 1,000 times, "I am just not creative. Please! Just give me something to put in order, something to organize. Ugh!" Oh yes, there were a few temper tantrums. But one thing I know for sure is business is always changing and I’ve got to change with it. Over the years my career paths involved some sort of marketing. I've been fairly well versed on the channels of advertising. I find the balance between traditional advertising and social media fascinating. I’m just now just writing my first blog! We all know the saying, "art imitates life," well... my career has certainly imitated my personal life as well. In both, I have celebrated triumphs and milestones and experienced trials, tribulations and personal loss. I suppose I have been one with this business, somehow intertwined, and I've always tried to practice what I preach. Years ago my spice rack was alphabetized, something my friends loved to laugh at, but nowadays not so much! I've learned over the years to not be so rigid... so "in order." And frankly, it's kinda boring! Life needs a little bit of spontaneity for sure. Of course, I still live by the motto that everything has a place, and everything in its place. That will never change! Everything in my house still has a home and is relatively in its place. I never search for an item that is lost, frankly that's just a waste of time and it's extremely irritating to me. But not everything is so perfect which leads me to where I am today. My purpose and what I communicate to my clients is that life is about balance, I know it’s a bit boring by now but it is so true. An organized home is not about perfection, it's not about what you do all of the time but rather what you do most of the time. It’s about being efficient so you never have to look for a lost item. This is the pursuit of reduced stress, saving time and money. Who doesn't want that? In the end it defines your own personal balance of life. This is your style, it’s like no one else's and it should be reflected throughout your home. I have clients who are even more organized than I am and I have some who are just a hot mess! But nevertheless they all inspire me in one way or another. My goal is to help you find your style while increasing efficiency and giving more time to the things that are important in life. Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years and to those of you I am just getting to know. I invite you to take some time and visit my website at shelveit.net. Please like and share my Facebook page as well. I promise to enlighten and inspire you! No matter what hat you're wearing for today, and most likely multiple ones, aka the household CEO, the Retro Wife and the personal chauffeur (I could go on) know that we are all in this together, reducing the chaos a little at a time! We’ll talk again soon, for now, Be Happy, Stay Motivated, and Let’s Get Organized!

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4417 Lake Street Lake Charles, LA 70605 (337) 802-6877