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"Save the Tootsies"

How many steps do you take getting dressed in the morning? I always discuss with my clients the flow of their home and how many places they travel to get ready. First, they step out of the shower and they walk for their privates and perhaps to a second location for their clothes. Surprisingly many people travel to a third location to complete their wardrobe. Here's the scenario, tops and bottoms are in the bedroom dresser, clothing is in the closet, and other necessary items are in the bathroom. Sometimes even my clients migrate to a spare closet in the house. My goal is to limit this travel time. Closets should have drawers for tops, bottoms, and socks and the majority of all of your clothing items should be in the closet. Bedroom dressers should be limited to out-of-season or "not so often" clothing such as bathing suits or items you pack in a bag.

Now that's not to say you need a bunch of drawers, in fact, you don't need many, but rather just enough to take care of your needs. Be careful what you put in your drawers because often times they can lead to a lot of digging which is a big no-no.

A typical closet design should consist of two thirds hanging, one set of drawers for each person, and the rest of the shelving depends on your amount of shoes and folded clothes. There are many types of clothing that are suited well for straight shelves such as sweaters, sweatpants, shorts etc. If you are concerned that open shelving will look messy, you can simply add doors. This eliminates any digging.

So how many places do you travel in the morning to get ready? How chaotic are your mornings? What are the last few minutes like? Is it a mad dash?

A quality closet design such as this scenario eliminates chaos and creates a peaceful home. Give us a call today, we can help you eliminate the rat race.

We’ll talk again soon, for now, Be Happy, Stay Motivated, and Let’s Get Organized!


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