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Kids Closet Organization Part #1

There's no avoiding it now. Kids are going back to school in a couple of weeks! Wow-wee where did the summer go? The requirements on kids and teenagers these days is amazing, to think of how much more they accomplish than what we did when we were in school. Not to mention, all their activities and the busy lives we keep. Success in school now-a-days requires more than just brain power, it requires a well-structured home life. From the time they wake up to the time they go to bed their day needs to be predictable. A great start to every day means creating a no chaos zone so their mind is fresh and clear of distractions. In the afternoon, all children should know when and where to do their schoolwork so their minds can stay focused on what needs to be done.

Now is the time to clean out your kid’s closets and bedrooms. It is important that your children help you in this organizing process. I do not recommend doing it alone, it’s their space and they need to take ownership of it. Most importantly, you should not get rid of your child’s items without them knowing. Keeping everything your child acquires doesn't make sense. However, children get very upset when stuff disappears without their consent or knowledge, just giving away your kid's possessions isn't healthy. It all comes down to age. When they are really young, less than 7 years old, it's safe for you to analyze whether or not your child is using something and make the decision to give it away. Once your child reaches a certain age however, 8 and up, they should be in on the decision-making. This is an important part of upbringing. Your child will learn to let go of the unnecessary, will be conditioned to donate and be charitable, will practice making decisions and will understand the decluttering process. Benefits all around! That's why communication is key. Here are some ideas to relay to your kids that may help with this process.

We must think about those that are less fortunate. Whether it's a story or a book or a YouTube video or a cartoon, show your child that there are kids in the world that are not as lucky and don't have ANY toys. This not only exposes your kid to being charitable, it also introduces sympathy for others.

Make room for what you'll get. Birthdays, holidays, Grandmas, whatever it is, there is a regular influx of gifts and therefore clutter. Your child may be more willing to let go of the stuff he or she doesn't use to make space for the things they know will come. This is especially relevant at Christmas time. Perhaps, your family could gather a bunch of stuff that they aren't using and drop it off at a charity before the big flood of Christmas presents.

It is important to keep storage easy for your children. Hassle-free equates to clutter-free in kids' closets. Keep commonly used items in plain sight to make it easy to fetch them and put them away. Lower hanging rods and simple open shelves are perfect for easy-to-reach hanging clothes and lining up shoes for grab-and-go access.

You also want to invest in closet storage that grows. We always design our kids' closets to grow with them. Our components can easily be rearranged and adjusted to accommodate bigger clothing and different types of accessories.

We can help you plan your storage space. Closet organization in a kids' closet is not all that different than in your own master closet. Plan before you organize. Purge outgrown clothes and unused toys, inventory everything you want to store in the closet, and think about how your child can most easily access things. This will help us create a closet design that fits those needs. Our closet organization systems offer great variety for storing hanging and folded clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, and toys. With careful planning, low clothes rods can be removed to allow for longer hanging clothes in the future. High shelves can transition from off-season storage to everyday space as the child grows.

We’ll be posting Kid-Savvy Tips all month long and our Kids Closet Organization Part #2 will feature specific steps to help you with the process and hopefully make it a little less painstaking.

We are all in this together, reducing the chaos a little at a time! Be on the lookout for Part #2, for now, Be Happy, Stay Motivated, and Let’s Get Organized!


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