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All About Those Boots!

Customers are always asking me what is the most space-efficient way to store their boots. Since my motto is always “grab and go” my least preferred way of storing boots is in boxes. I hate boxes! That is just way too much digging and extra steps all while rushing out of the door.

Firstly, we need to discuss the mind numbing amount of boot styles, and yes contrary to our husband's (or significant other) opinion, it is necessary to have a variety. So let’s see…there are the riding boots, the booties that go great with jeans (my fav), the knee high boots that are pretty with skirts and dresses, we need multiple pair of high heel boots for sure, and I could keep going - mid calfs, Wellingtons… and so on.

The point in mentioning all the different styles is that they all store differently, some tend to topple over and not stay in place and they end up in a pile on the floor. It is impossible to line them up neatly without some support.

Let’s go over the multiple ways to store your boots in the winter time when you are wearing them most often.

Straight shelves - most commonly used and are a perfect way to store stiff boots or cowboy boots, they store easily, upright, side by side, and it is a very neat look.

Shoe shelves - booties and ankle boots can be stored on these, which sit at an angle making it very easy to see your collection. Typically these boots do not topple over making a mess so shoe shelves are perfect for them.

Hanging - yes! It is my most common solution for boots. There are many products on the market today to help with this. Boot hangers store boots safely and compactly. Their staggered hanger design maximizes hanging space and the clips will not damage or leave permanent marks on your boots. These hangers can handle the weight of most boots. My Boot Trees and The Boot Hanger Co. offer different hanger options and both companies sell their products through Amazon.

I always organize items by category, so I prefer for all your boots to be together in one location. If you decide to put all your boots on straight shelves, it may be a difficult task to keep them ALL standing straight and “restuffing” your boots at the end of the day is just unrealistic. This is where boot shapers come in handy, they keep them standing upright and they come in many fun designs and they are quite simple and quick, you just slip them into the boot and your done! Boots stand up perfectly on their own no matter their style!

Before I go I must mention out-of-season storage for boots. As I always say you must tweak your closet 2-3 times per year and this certainly means putting away your boots rather than letting them take up valuable square footage. Store them high or low but definitely not at eye level as you would in the winter. You can store boots in their original boxes, just attach a picture to the outside of the box so you know which pair it contains. Bins or crates are also a great option and you can purchase boot forms to keep them in great shape while they are stored during the warm months.

Be Happy. Stay Motivated. And Let’s Get Organized!


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