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What is organizing all about anyway and what's the big deal?

We are constantly bombarded with magazines, books, articles, and blog posts on the topic of organizing. Even for me sometimes it gets a bit mundane and I am passionate a

bout everything related to organization. The definition of organizing is to arrange items into a structured order. That really doesn't tell us very much either. The organizing industry talks all about clearing out the clutter and getting organized by slapping labels on boxes and purchasing cute containers. Gobs of pictures are posted on Pinterest, the place of picture perfect rooms, or in other words "Pinterest perfect." But decluttering and organizing is so much more than that. Yes, it is all about efficiency and functionality, but there is more to be gained from this process of getting organized.

Here is the truth: Your clutter is a reflection of you! (Ouch) Now none of us should be in the business of judging and it doesn't mean that's your normal behavior, it's just where you are right now. It's a visible view of what's out of balance in your life.

As you begin to clear out the clutter, you will feel the simplicity, openness and joy return to your life. You will feel thankful for the people and things around you that you love and enjoy. This cleansing process is about self care and being consistent about what is important. Self care means having and creating a space for things in your life that reflect the best part of you, in essence, taking excellent care of YOURSELF.

Do you realize that your clutter is actually in your way? That it is literally keeping you from your best life?

This purifying process of removing clutter can activate change in any area of your life. Uncluttering is powerful! It provides you with clarity and direction to whatever the “clutter” is covering.

You see the thing is, sometimes we find ourselves in a pit. This happens in one of three ways:

  1. you threw yourself in, feet first! (yep you did it)

  2. it was a slow slippage into the pit and you’re not sure how you got there

  3. something or someone put you there

Everyone can relate to “the pit.” We’ve all been in it at some point. The death of a loved one, a broken relationship, a terrible mistake, a bad decision, or some other tragedy led us into the pit. It is at these times in life when we feel anxious or depressed and the clutter begins to pile up. You feel stuck and stagnant. How do you transform into someone who can feel more at ease and back to that place of peace? You find the clutter and you let it go! This process is very therapeutic.

Uncluttered living is not equivalent to having a “stiff home.” But rather, it’s about being purposeful and intentional about everything you touch, deal with, and manage in your life because everything has a purpose. Small or big, it’s there to serve you in some way. It is there for you. That’s it! It’s not about keeping up with everyone else or comparing yourself to others. It’s for you to live your life to the fullest without distractions and not allowing things or people to drain your attention.

To live uncluttered is to be completely intentional. Behind intention great things can happen. For example, you are able to make the time for a loved one who is ill and needs attention. Even if it is just to lend an ear. It takes some time and practice to cultivate, it is a process and a mindset that you set in place a little at a time, piece by piece, like building blocks.

This is not something that happens overnight, it’s not like your grocery list, no check marks really to speak of. Yes, there are action items and habits to create but YES you can do it!

Ask yourself “why is the clutter there?” The more mindful and curious you are about how the clutter was created in the first place can help you change your habits and situations. But once you are done with all the action, then you focus on everyday life and keeping things uncluttered becomes the mindful practice. When you tease out the clutter spots your mood will change, energy will flow and things will shift. Some roads will fork into various directions and some will get longer. But from here on out, you get to choose which open road to navigate. The road is now… uncluttered and open. So “roll down the windows” and get going!


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