• Samantha Hebert

Why We Love Custom Closets (And You Should, Too!)

This is why I love my job! This is why I do what I do!

I renovate all types of closets but my most rewarding jobs are the ones where I am really making a massive difference. This closet is a perfect example of a major overhaul. These are the jobs that make me the happiest. This is the type of renovation that gets me excited right along side my client.

Not to sound cheesy but to dramatically make a closet more functional for the way my clients live, is to truly make their life better. IT IS life altering! I can't tell you how many times a potential client has stated to me "this closet makes me unhappy every time I walk in it." On the flip side, when I run into my past clients they tell me their closet makes them happy every morning. Man in these moments I really beam inside, doing what I truly love to do.

Over the past eight years my sales style has evolved as well. Now I clearly state to my potential clients how big of a difference I can make in their space. I tell them if their wardrobe is just too big for their closet, or on the contrary, if they have so much wasted space, once I use every square inch it will be fabulous.

I've also come to recognize the relationship between men and women and the way they think. I’m convinced men could live in a pine box! They are more resistant to change and they live in the "it's good enough" mode. Women have more vision and realize how much better their home can truly be. The vast majority of my sales begin with the lady of the home and the men are slower to come around, but in the end they do. Frankly, it's the men that totally crack me up. One gentleman told me, "I didn't realize what I was buying. I have a real closet now. It gave so much relief to our bathroom cabinets. We are friends now." Ummm, I didn't know we weren't friends before. LOL! He had not expressed his concerns prior to purchasing, I guess he just wanted to make his wife happy. Sweet man! In this install I am featuring here, the clients ordered some additional drawers after the initial installation. This husband asked his wife twice when his drawers were coming in because he was tired of putting his shorts in a basket. The wife and I just cracked up laughing! It's really funny if you knew how much this husband "fought" the new closet idea. In the end what I've learned is that women make men's lives considerably better, as long as it's not abused or taken advantage of, it's a beautiful thing I see in relationships between husbands and wives every day and it makes my heart smile!

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