• Samantha Hebert

Tackle Garage Organization with These Easy Tips

Only in America do we park our second largest investment outside so our junk can stay tucked inside the garage. Are we the only ones who think this is crazy? According to the US Department of Energy, 25 percent of people don’t have room to park cars inside and 32 percent only have room for one vehicle.

The two key benefits of a garage storage system is open floor space and no more clutter. Our rule of thumb is everything off the ground! This provides an open feel to the room, easy access to the items you need and blowing out the garage only takes a few minutes rather than hours of picking up items off the floor. Our storage systems keep everything in its own place. Every item is ready for quick find and retrieval. This means no more rummaging through miscellaneous piles and drawers for the one item you need.

Here are nine tried-and-true tips to declutter and organize a garage and gain more space.

1 Take a full day to organize your garage. We usually recommend organizing in small chunks but the garage is kinda different. Cleaning and organizing your garage is going to take more than a few hours.

2 It is easiest to remove everything from of your garage to see what you have, then you can sort by categories. Group like things together and they’ll be easier to find. Some categories might include: lawn and garden, toys, sports gear, home maintenance, household items, ladders, hoses and hurricane supplies. Then subdivide into seasonal categories if needed.

3 Create four piles: keep, donate, throw away or repair items. Sort your items accordingly.

4 Our vertical storage cabinets will keep things off the floor. Our adjustable shelving will ensure everything will fit inside perfectly. In fact, we’ll design the size of the cabinets around the size of your storage bins.

5 Consider a work bench for a particular hobby such as fishing or crafts.

6 We can help you designate a parking space for bikes and toys.

7 Our wall track system will help to maximize wall space and still leave room to open vehicle doors. It is ideal for areas where there adequate space for deep shelving. Our hooks and baskets can store isn’t summer games and sports equipment for easy “grab and go” when you’re loading up the car but also off of the floor and out of your way when they’re not in use. This helps encourage your family, particularly children, to put these things in their designated places after use.

8 Our wall hooks can store your large tools you use often such as a weed eater and leaf blower.

9 Bid farewell to bulky, expired paint: tightly sealed paint lasts only for about two years. To see if it is still good, stir it and look at it. If it seems stringy or lumpy, throw it out. Or, try brushing it on a piece

of scrap to see how it performs.

This year, make an investment that will make like easier for years to come. Don’t just make those piles neater; have a storage solution installed today and make the garage a place you look forward to using in the future. Give us a call today at 564-0322 to schedule your free in-home consultation of your garage space.

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