• Samantha Hebert

5 Scariest Reasons Why You Are Still Disorganized

1) FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out. Still looking at that stack of magazines that are three years old? One headline reads “three mistakes you've made in your love life” and you think, “if I discard this I’ll never know those three reasons! What are they?” You feel like you're going to miss out if you toss it before reading the article. So there it sits, for months or years!

Inevitability you WILL miss out on some things, it is impossible to keep up with all the information that comes out every day - bloggers, magazine content, news - it is beyond impossible to keep up with all of it. Instead focus on being intentional about the information you want to see everything day. Create habits and resources for that information so you will have as little fear as possible of missing out. For example, my sources of information I want to see everyday are NBC News, KPLC News, Southern Living, Real Simple, NOLA.com and a few organizational sites. What are your top news and information sources? I turned on notifications so I don’t miss out. This way I am not concerned about what I’ve missed.

2) Fear Of Loss. “But I might need it some day.” You might have this feeling about a necklace or a pair of jeans or something you want to pass down to your children. Or maybe you purchased a tool for a specific project and you’ve never used it again. You think that as soon as I throw that tool away I’ll need it for something. Well ask yourself, “what is the worst case scenario that would happen if I don't have this tool in the future?” In the grand scheme of things, the answer is really not that much.

3) Fear Of Failure - it’s the idea that you don’t want to even get started because you're feeling a little like a perfectionistic and your kind of stuck. You're not exactly sure how to approach the project or how to push through it. Maybe you’re not sure how to get started. What are your options here? You’ll need to do this project one day right? It’s not going to just disappear! So how are you going to push through this obstacle? Figure that out and then the fear of failure will start to subside.

4) Fear Of Judgment - this keeps people from getting started because they are afraid they will fail and then other people will judge them. People are afraid to get the help they need because they don't want anyone to see how bad it is. I can’t tell you how many times a day a potential client says, “I need to clean it up before you come.” Well no, how am I going to see what the problem is? How am I going to see what items don’t have a home? Also, don’t be afraid to accept help from your love ones, if they want to help you then don't turn that help away. Why? Everyone has pockets of disorganization and they just want to see you get past it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or even hire a person to help you declutter your mess. As motivation, ask yourself if you want people to come over and see your disorganization. I doubt it!

5) Fear Of The Truth - Can you handle the truth? People use clutter as an excuse to feel needed, to distract them from what is really going on in their lives. They are afraid that if the clutter is cleared away there will be no more distractions and excuses. If the truth really is shown to them they may not feel needed, may not know what to do with their lives. They may not be busy enough in their lives from whats really going on. Ask yourself, what would happen if you got exactly what you wanted and the clutter was cleared out, how would your life change? Is that scary to you and why?

I hope this helps you to determine not just your state of disorganization but why you are unable to declutter. Most often I see #3 above, the fear of failure. Most people simply do not know how to start or finish a particular room and they get easily overwhelmed just thinking about it so they just never start. For most of us, it is easier to start than to finish!

Lets work on being grateful for what we have and let go of the rest.

Happy Organizing,

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