• Samantha Hebert

An Introduction to Murphy Beds

We think Murphy beds are the coolest thing since sliced bed! A Murphy bed is a bed stored vertically inside a cabinet that looks like an attractive piece of furniture, opening downward for use and simply folded up when not in use, so the room can be used to it’s maximum potential.

So imagine you could

. . .create a guest room that converts into a home office

. . . create a crafting room that turns into a guest room

. . . create a home office that doubles as a media center

. . . create a home library that reveals an office space and a guest bed

Incorporating a dual purpose space is much more inexpensive than adding square footage to your home or shelling out cash for renovations. Homeowners are moving away from cluttered spaces and instead want more floor room. This is a great way to expand space in your home.


• Unlike other types of folding beds (e.g., sofa beds and futons) the mattress in a Murphy bed doesn't fold -- instead, the bed tilts up on end and into a specially designed cabinet. Our brand is manufactured from strong, heavy gauge steel frames which are secured to a spring mechanism.

• Because lifting a bed can otherwise be very difficult, Murphy Beds include a spring loaded counterbalanced mechanism that allows easy, one handed operation. Murphy Beds are easy to raise and lower. The spring loaded mechanisms makes opening and closing the bed effortless. The mechanisms are balanced to prevent the bed from unexpectedly continuing downward on to the operator. You should be able to raise and lower the Murphy Bed with one finger.

• The bed legs should be sturdy and they should tuck under the bed cabinet so as to avoid toe stubbing.

• Murphy Beds will accommodate a standard innerspring mattress in which the homeowner provides.

• Our models will fold away completely equipped with sheets, blankets

and pillows that can be strapped in place, so the bed does not need

to be made up with each use.


Are Murphy Beds comfortable – Absolutely! Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds do not require any folding mattresses so you are sleeping on a quality mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons. It is the same as sleeping in a regular bed and of course many of our clients sleep in our Murphy Beds nightly. A standard mattress creates a comfortable sleep for you or your guests and is easily tucked away into a 16” deep cabinet when not in use.

Can I use my own mattress – Yes you can use any mattress up to 11” thick. In order to balance the operation of the Murphy Bed, it is recommended the mattress be on site when the Murphy Bed is being installed.

Do I need a box spring – Definitely not! For years Doctors have recommended a flat platform for sleeping support. Many manufacturers have discontinued box spring production as they are redundant.

Can I have a Murphy Bed that is higher off the floor than normal – yes we provide an Extended Leg that raises the bed an extra 2 3/8” off the floor and allows an additional mattress height to 12” and a Long Leg that is an extra 6” off the floor and provides for a mattress of 15” thick.

In addition to the Murphy Bed itself, other furniture pieces can also be designed to function with the bed. For instance, we can design matching side cabinets with book shelves, drawers, and night tables that allow for storage on either side of the Murphy Bed. We can custom design the bed and cabinetry to best fit your space. These cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can usually be incorporated into a wall storage system.

Now is an excellent time to address your space needs with a Murphy Bed. These beds are sleek, reliable and built for comfort. Give us a call today at (337) 564-0322 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation or visit our website at shelveit.net.

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