• Samantha Hebert

7 Tips and Tricks For An Organized Thanksgiving

As families come together to celebrate

the joy of the holiday season with tradition and great food, be careful not to

become too stressed in planning the

parties. We are here to help with some of our favorite holiday meal planning tips to keep you calm and party on! The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the busiest room. With family members coming in and out, the kitchen and pantry are quick to become disorganized and messy. Here are some quick tips on how to keep calm and organized in the pantry.

1. Write out your menu beforehand and according to each recipe, make a list of the ingredients. List out what you need at the grocery by the aisle so you will save time at the store.

2. Set up the table the day before with the serving dishes and serve ware. Stick notes on the

dishes to mark what goes in them on the day of the holiday meal. As others show up, they

can help without having to ask as many questions. Don’t be afraid to delegate!

3. Decide what time you are eating and then add up all the cooking times and resting times

needed for the meat and start cooking accordingly. This way, nothing gets cold while waiting for something to cook. Spacing out cooking times is an art in itself!

4. Prepare as much food as you can the night before, just be mindful of how many things have

to be heated at the same time.

5. This one gets 5 stars! Have your guests bring their own plastic containers so you can send

them home with leftovers and you don't have to worry about getting your containers back.

6. Clean as you go! Cleaning up a huge mess can completely spoil the entire day. You’ll save

time after the meal and you'll have more time to celebrate the holiday with your guests.

7. Delegate responsibilities. This will reduce your stress and things will get done faster.

Consider making a command center, you can use a tradition bulletin board or with sticky notes that can quickly be picked up once everything is in place.

However you prepare for a holiday meal, staying organized is key! Start your holiday season off right with a pantry that works for you. Our adjustable system allows you to move shelves around to accommodate your holiday feast ingredients. Call us today or visit our website at shelveit.net to design your perfect storage space now! Set yourself up for success this holiday season with the pantry of your dreams!

Want more information on organizing your pantry click here to get all the inside scoop on living organized in your kitchen year around.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that having a perfectly organized pantry will cut cooking time in half - leaving you more time to enjoy with family and friends!

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