• Samantha Hebert

5 Ways to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

Your closet is one of the first things you see every day. Having a neat, organized closet that is functional should also be visually appealing. A custom closet will allow you to quickly find the clothes you want. It can really help you start your day on a positive note. At the very least it will be one less frustration in your hectic day.

With that said, once my clients have made the initial investment, they want the closet “Pinterest perfect.” I recommend these tips to help complete the uniform look.

  1. Use all the same hangers - The right hangers can give your closet a neater appearance. There are so many to choose from – tubular (plastic), wooden, non-slip (velvet), wire, metal, acrylic, cedar, etc. There are pros and cons to each, simply pick your favorite and follow it throughout your closet.

2. Hang all clothes facing the same direction. This way you can easily see the tags, size, and button colors.

3. When you are reorganizing your closet, hang all your clothes backward. Once you have worn them, hang them back up regularly, after some time, it will be obvious which clothes are good candidates for donation.

4. Group like things together – pants with pants, short sleeve with short sleeve, long sleeve and so on and within each category organize by color. Color grouping will help you match up your outfit for the day.

5. Use labeled division organizers to separate sections of clothing will help you stay organized.

Remember, don’t strive to be perfect! It’s not what you do ALL the time, but what you do most of the time.

You do not have to follow all of these, everyone has different levels of organization and what one person calls organized is completely different from someone else’s definition. Think of your favorite retail store and I ask yourself what you like about the feel of it when you walk in the door. This is what you’ll want to implement in your own closet.

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