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4 Ways to Step Up Your Shoe Storage

By no coincidence, shoes are usually the biggest issue for women, they are the #1 issue I hear about on a closet consult. The husbands complain about their wives’ number of shoes and that they are “all over the place.” The reason why is because there is not a space that is designated for them. Frankly, women practically worship their shoes. So why not put them on display in a prime location? Makes sense to me!

Sometimes a client will ask me to design shelving for shoes on the bottom underneath the hanging. Not! We were all raised with putting our shoes on the floor, underneath the single rod of hanging clothes, but this is not the best practice. I know it’s confusing, we’ve even seen it advertised that way sometimes in the “Pinterest -Perfect” closets. But this is a bad design and here’s why. Typical hanging garments are on average 24” in depth, that’s about two feet of space. How many of us have feet that are 24”? No one! Not even Michael Jordan has feet that big. So that means that if you put shelving underneath hanging, you must push back your hanging space to see what’s on the shelf. You’re stooping and looking down into the darkness to find your prized possessions. Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t.

Depending on how many pairs of shoes you have, we design shelving above a short hang rod or design an entire section of shelves to accommodate your collection.

The average woman has 40 pairs of shoes but many of us have as many as 100 pair. Now I know you’re thinking “not me.” But if you count your shoes I promise you have more than you think. My very first client, 10 years ago, had over 400 pairs of shoes!

4 Ways to Step Up Your Shoe Storage

Your treasured shoe collection shouldn’t be displayed as a giant pile on the floor of your closet. It deserves better—and so do you. Whether you need a small-space solution or custom tilted racks to display your favorite footwear, opt for one of these four strategies to step up your shoe-storage game.

Straight shoe shelves: Turn your closet into a shoe museum. Using regular shelves to store your shoes is a smart and simple trick that can easily be used for other storage purposes as well—it is versatility at its best. As with any organizing project, store like with like. In other words, all your flats together, similar size heels, boots, etc. together. Since straight shelves are adjustable, you eliminate the wasted space in between each shelf.

Tilted shoe shelves: With a slight tilt, your shoe shelves will reach a new level of elegance. Add a personal touch with a short rail on the front of each shelf, also known as a fence, that matches the style of your closet’s interior.

This closet we designed wouldn't be complete without these show-stopping shoes.

Baskets: Especially for flip flops and inexpensive sandals. Our baskets slide in and out on drawer runners and come in chrome, brushed nickel and other colors are available as well.

Hanging: This is primarily for boots since many of them do not stand up properly without being stuffed. You can find Boot hangers online and they work great.

Align your shoes with the toe forward. Not only are they more visually stimulating than looking at the heel, but you can identify them easier.

Lastly, we are against shoe boxes, bins, or rotating racks that do not display your shoes very well. The whole concept of a custom closet is a smooth stress-free morning, it’s the “grab-and-go” concept. When you’re able to easily see all your options, your mornings will be more efficient, and your outfits will be even more beautiful!

For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, email us at info@shelveit.net or visit our contact page. We look forward to helping you with your shoe storage!

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