• Samantha Hebert

How to Share a Closet with Yours Truly

When it comes to sharing a closet with your significant other, things can get heated from time to time, especially when it is a smaller space and both of you have an excess of stuff. Clutter can easily take over if there isn't a plan in place to keep the calm in the closet.

Firstly, both adults need to understand that a piler and a filer live in most every home. That is, someone piles it up and the other files it away. Yep that’s right, one of you is messy and the other is constantly sort, stacking and making a trip to file 13. Often on a sales call I have one spouse complaining about the other one being a slob of sorts and I go on to explain that this is a balanced house. In the ten years I’ve been doing this, I’ve maybe gone into a handful of houses where two pilers or two filers lived together. To help people understand their household is balanced I go on to explain that a house with two pilers is a huge hot mess (and dirty) and a house with two filers has a stiff feeling to it. But 99% of time, it’s a filer and piler. So, above all else, respect your spouse and know you’re balanced!

With that being said, the organized person will have to allow an area for their messy spouse to have their own personal space. Do not expect them to be you and vice versa.

Here are some of our best tips to maintain organization.

Purge and sort

First things first, go through your wardrobe with your partner and purge. Respect each other's feelings toward their style but make sure to be honest about what works and what doesn't. Let the space dictate what you can keep and what you need to purge.

Divide the space

The typical divide is 2/3 for the woman and 1/3 for the male of the home. After going through each other's clothes, divide the closet into sections that make sense for your needs. Respect each other's space and keep within your own.

Color code your clothes and group like with like

Take the time to organize the clothes in your individual spaces and color code by following the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV). Like any organizing project always group like with like. Your closet will look instantly more organized and finding things will be easier.

Double your space with double hang

I am still amazed at the closets I walk into everyday that have one rod for hanging clothes. There is a vast amount of wasted space on the top and bottom. We can instantly maximize your space with double hang. We utilize each inch of space, top to bottom which gives both of you more room to share.

Reorganize at every season

Closets need to be tweaked 2 or 3 times a year. Clothing and shoes that are in season need to be easily accessible and your out of season items need to be put up high. Anything you didn’t wear when the season is over needs to be donated.

However you decide to split the space, keep the peace with one of our adjustable closet organization systems. We can design your shared space during your free in-home consultation. Give us a call today at (337) 564-0322 to learn how we can help you live better and do more.

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