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How to Celebrate Get Organized Month

Are you organized? It’s an important question. There are many ways of being organized, but some of us certainly have better organizational skills than others. Anyone could use a bit of organization in their life. After all, when was the last time that you spent an hour looking for something in the closet and had to dig through the mess only t

o have to put it all back?

Studies show that individuals waste up to an hour every day on average, searching for things that they’ve misplaced.

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really should get more organized,” consider this: American women spend 55.2 minutes, per day, looking for lost or misplaced items, according to study conducted by the magazine Real Simple. Just think, if you cut that time in half, you would save 27.6 minutes per day. Still not convinced? If you get organized and never misplace another item again, you’ll save 55.2 minutes per day, or 14 days per year! Could you use fourteen extra days this year?

How to Celebrate Get Organized Month

We suggest that you take the whole month to truly consider whether you’re organized and the things that you should focus on.

• First, identify all the benefits getting organized can have in your life. There’s those two extra weeks we just talked about, but that’s only the beginning. Being organized contributes to a higher quality of life, too. Organized people experience lower stress, a greater sense of control, and even higher pay. Plus, they have more time to do the things in life that matter most to them, like spending quality time with friends and children, enjoying hobbies and other leisure activities.

• Second, decide where you will start. Which area of your life is the most chaotic? Is it your desk at work? Is it the stack of mail, bills, and reading material that has taken over the dining room? What things are you always looking for? Find the area in your life that is really causing you the greatest stress, and start there.

• Third, figure out who will do the work. Is getting organized something that you have the time and energy to tackle on your own? Do you have the skills? Can you commit small amounts of time to organize and declutter? If not consider hiring someone to help you or reach out to a friend who has these skills to help you.

• Fourth, decide when you will work on getting organized. Finding the time to get organized can often be one of the hardest parts. Let’s face it, if you had ample time on your hands, you’d probably be organized to begin with, right? To tackle this problem, look at your schedule and see what things you can put aside for the time being. Is there a TV show you can skip for a few weeks? Can you take a couple of days off work? Sounds grim, but just remember those fourteen days you’re trying to get back.

Once you’ve decided where to start, who will do the work and when it will get done, it’s simply a matter of tackling the organizing projects step by step. Remember, your life and spaces didn’t get chaotic overnight. More likely it was a gradual, almost unnoticeable process. So as you whittle away at the cluttered and disorganized areas in your life, you can look forward to an extra 55.2 minutes per day to sit back and enjoy!

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