• Samantha Hebert

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Closet

Often times on a master closet consult a client will say, “And I’d like some shelves for shoes on the bottom.” We were all raised with putting our shoes on the floor, underneath the single rod of hanging clothes, but this is not the best practice for your custom closet. I know it’s confusing, we’ve even seen it advertised that way many times in the “Pinterest -Perfect” closets.

This is a badly designed custom closet. See the shadow the clothing creates above the shoes?

Here is the reason why, typical hanging garments are on average 24” in depth, that’s about two feet of space. How many of us have feet that are 24” long? No one! Not even Michael Jordan has feet that big. So that means if you put shelving underneath hanging, you will have to push back your hanging clothes to see what’s on the shelf below. You’re stooping and looking down into the darkness to find your prized possessions. Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t.

By no coincidence, shoes are usually the biggest issue for people. Husbands complain about their wive’s amount of shoes and that they are “all over the place.” The reason why is because there is not a space that is designated for them. Frankly, many women practically worship their shoes. Why not put them on display in a prime location? It makes sense to me!

You may ask, “why not make the shelving 24” deep below your hanging?” If you do that, you’ll never remember the items that get pushed to the back of the shelf and especially being so low to the floor. Actually, 24” deep shelving anywhere is pretty deep and you will tend to lose items “in the back.”

The same concept applies to drawers underneath a hanging area. Normally drawers are 14” and 16” deep so your hanging will “stick out” past the drawers and block your access. It’s also a bit more difficult for a petite person to reach the higher rod.

Depending on how many pairs of shoes you have, our standard design practice is to put shelving above a short hang rod or design an entire bay (column, section) of shelves to accommodate your collection.

Remember the 80/20 rule applies to our shoes (and our wardrobe). It’s the rule that says we wear about 20% of our shoes 80% of the time. Think about it for a minute. How often do you end up walking out the door in your “go to” favorites? Even if you think you want to wear a different pair, the favorites win time and time again. We can help you figure out how to redesign your shoe collection so it fits your style. Give us a call today at (337) 564-0322 or visit our contact page to schedule your free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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