• Samantha Hebert

7 Tips for Organizing Your Nursery Room

A baby on the way is a very exciting change but it can also be overwhelming. Our seven tips will help you organize your nursery (link) room to make it perfect for your little one.

1. Clear out the clutter.

Are you transforming an existing space in your home into a nursery? If so you will need to find new homes for the furniture and items that are currently in the room. Take an inventory of what can be tackled now such as lighting, window treatments or paint. This will definitely be true if the room used to be an office, home gym, guest room or storage room. Clearing the room will reduce stress and an empty room will help visualize the space’s new purpose as a nursery.

2. Visualize the space.

Before you add furniture and decorations to the room, start with the most important elements you will need. If you have a difficult time visualizing the space then map out the measurements on the floor starting with the largest and most important pieces first. This will help you avoid adding furniture and accessories you don’t need.

3. Separate everything into categories.

You may be surprised how many gifts arrive early from very excited family and friends. Be aware of all the things you have, separate them by categories and start organizing them. Once you have done that, find the perfect bin or space for each category and store it in the designated place.

4. Put everything in place in the changing table/area.

You’ll spend most of your time here! It will be better if you have everything well organized so you know where to find it while changing your little one. Store diapers, wipes and creams so you can find them quickly. We found this one on Amazon.

5. Have everyday items handy.

Make sure you have all the daily essentials for baby easily accessible. You’ll want to designate a space in the nursery where you always know where to find these items. It also helps to store them on the side of your dominant hand, making it much easier for you to grab things quickly since sometimes you will have to do things with one hand while holding your baby.

An organized closet is the key to this whole process of creating a beautifully functioning nursery that will grow with your child all the way up to their teenage years.

6. Organize the closet.

The closet is really the "whole enchilada" when creating an organized nursery. So how do we make a closet function from baby years to college? The answer is with adjustability! Infants need hanging space and shelving, as they grow they need more shelving for books and games and once they reach the teenager years they need mostly hanging space. Firstly, let's

start with the baby years. Baby clothes are small and they will be for a few years, so we install three hanging rods rather than two in a section. Hang the clothes they haven't grown into yet at the top, keep their everyday clothes on the middle hanging rod. You can also separate the clothes by size making it easier to stay organized, and you’ll know right where to find what you’re looking for as your baby grows. Years later when their clothes actually reach 30" long, you can simply remove one of the rods and adjust the other two, in height, accordingly. Secondly, often times we install a hanging rod AND adjustable shelves in the same section, you'll use the shelves for books, games and such for the years of 5-13 years of age. For teenagers, the closet needs to be mostly hanging, with one side being long hang if she is a girl or double hang on both sides for a boy.

A closet system can help keep all of your baby’s clothes organized and provides extra storage for toys and supplies too.

The center section can be shelves at the top and baskets or drawers at the bottom. Adding baskets or drawers can eliminate a dresser or another piece of furniture. As children grow, having items they can retrieve themselves creates independence.

7. Leave open floor space for playtime.

Adding drawers to the closet can eliminate a dresser or another piece of furniture. You just don’t need that much space for “stuff” if you are organized properly. As it is, large toys will eat up the floor space quickly. Children grow in the blink of an eye, your little one will be playing on the floor very soon.

Having a well organized nursery will make your life easier. You will enjoy having a nice and calm space for you and your baby where both will be comfortable and enjoy spending your time there.

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