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Closet Organization: Your Only 8 Steps Away From Your Luxury Closet

Your closet should feel like a retreat, a place you go for some calm serenity. It’s time we stop treating our closets like they're just a storage space. Think about it, how often are you in your closet? You begin and end every day in your closet. After all, it’s your own personal space so it’s important to add some character and make it a place of refuge.

We’re here to help you create your very own boutique closet so let’s get started!

Firstly, use matching hangers, it’s an easy way to make your closet look uniform and streamlined and it makes a world of difference. It doesn’t matter what kind of hanger you choose (this is a personal preference sort of thing), just pick one and go with it. This will help keep your focus where it should be, on your clothes!

Straight shelves display shoes nicely and are versatile storage for other items such as folded sweaters.
Shoe shelves sit at a slight angle for easy viewing

The one question I get asked constantly is “what about my shoes?” As I stated in another blog dedicated to shoe storage (https://www.shelveit.net/single-post/2017/03/19/4-Ways-to-Step-Up-Your-Shoe-Storage), women practically worship their shoes. So why not put them on display in a prime location? Makes sense to me! So if shoes are your favorite item of clothing, show them off!

Shoe shelves or straight shelves are a fantastic way to organize and display your favorite pairs.

Bins! Bins! Bins! Bins and baskets liven up your space. There are so many to choose from: wicker, cloth, patterns, woven, even steel buckets for an industrial look. It all depends on your style. They're perfect for storing accessories you don’t use everyday such as fancy handbags, bathing suits, travel accessories and the sort. You can also use these containers as a stylish laundry basket if you don’t have the traditional hamper.

Since organization is all about creating categories, designate an area for your accessories by creating a cute little nook. We are all about “grab and go” and making things easy so when your jewelry is corralled in one place it is easily accessible. Remember it’s not all about getting ready in the morning, it’s also about putting things back in their place in the evening. It needs to be easy! Designed correctly, this area can look like art!

I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again, no two closets are the same. The design of your closet should be based not only on your needs and wants but also your wardrobe and your habits. How do you want to use the space? What design will be easiest to maintain the space? Do you have somewhere to sit? You need at least a small stylish bench for putting on your shoes.

Put up mirrors to help open up the space as you decide what to wear. If you have a number of designer handbags, consider using shoe shelving to store your collection.

Now to my favorite, you need one shelf, just one, designated for your favorite things. A picture of your family or a past loved one? A stylish small mirror for accessorizing? A family heirloom? Whatever makes you happy! Also, make sure you rotate these items frequently so you don’t get bored with them.

Lastly, color code your clothes by arranging them in similar colors. Color coding not only makes it easy for you to find matching outfits quicker, but it also minimizes clutter and adds an elegant touch. A gradient display of your clothing will brighten you up every morning. However, I sorta make this statement with a wink and a smile. Frankly, I don’t color coordinate my clothes, for me, categories is enough. I’ve been in this business long enough that I’ve learned everyone has a different level of organization. If you have the time to color coordinate within your category of clothes then that’s great, but for me I’m just happy with pants to hang with pants, shirts with shirts, jackets with jackets, etc.

It's all about organization and customization based on YOU. Use these closet organization tips to ensure that your closet space is everything you want it to be. Having everything in one spot will help you streamline your morning routine and get your morning started right.

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