I live in my grandmother’s house, needless to say it’s old.  So many areas of my home simply did not function, I have deep cabinets and little to no closet space.  Samantha helped me in multiple areas of my home, we started in my laundry room, I simply gave her a list of tasks that needed to happen in that room, I wanted my baskets off the floor and I needed a place for my husband’s many vases for his rose garden.  Samantha designed the right size shelving to fit the laundry baskets I used.  She also made the recommendation to stack my washer and dryer which I had never considered but it made so much sense, this freed up space to add a tall cabinet with adjustable shelves. result was awesome!


 I’ve had my new laundry room now for several years and it still functions great, just the way we planned it.  Later I had Samantha come back for my son’s room and then later to address my deep pantry, I was loosing stuff! In my son’s room she built a desk, an armoire, shelving, and reconfigured his closet.  All with very happy results.


I have had many construction projects in this old house and I found the experience with Samantha painless, she just made everything so easy and her software really helps with the visualization of how everything will look when it’s complete. I recommend Samantha’s services to anyone who needs some help in any area of their home.  We simply do not realize what we just “live with” because it’s there, she has taught me that we can live better in our homes. I didn’t realize how much I was struggling in these areas until they were redone, what a difference she makes!


Nancy Clements


            We were downsizing and I had a lack of storage in our new home, with four kids we definitely have lots of “stuff.” Firstly, Samantha tackled my master closet which had one functional built-in but the rest was just hanging space that was already sagging. Samantha made my hanging space so much more functional and added shelves.  A few months later she came back and installed garage cabinets, we needed basic storage as we don’t really tinker with anything too much in our garage, just basic sporting gear and large items from Sam’s Wholesale.  Samantha was a joy to work with and the entire process was so easy and with both installations was in and out quickly. There was little to no interruption to our busy daily schedule.


Jackie Gabb



I approached Samantha because I had seen her work before and knew that she would do a fantastic job! We live in an old home. so closet space is minimal, after Samantha finished with our closet, the space is so well utilized it seems to have tripled in size!!  So well organized, call today or you are missing out!!


Julie Hughes


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